Tooth Coloured Fillings and Bondings

Fillings and bondings help with cosmetic purposes to enhance the oral appearance of your mouth, and they also provide restorative benefits to treat decayed teeth. Bonding occurs when dental materials are attached to your teeth using dental adhesives and light. It is also used to fill cavities, repairs tooth chips and cracks, as well as to close gaps that may be located between your teeth.

At Dundas Valley Dentistry we provide you with fillings and bondings that match the colour of your teeth. This restoration helps create a healthy looking smile by blending in with your surrounding teeth in both colour and shape. We pay special attention to the colour of your natural teeth, and measure your shade, and then we create the fillings and bondings that will be the perfect match.

If you have cracks and chips in your teeth, please consult with Dundas Valley Dentistry. We take the time to provide you with individualized attention and care in order to ensure the best results.

To learn more about our filling and bonding services and to see what is best for you, please contact our Dundas dental office.

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